Season 2: Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea Cookbook

Season 2: Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea Cookbook
This new cookbook from Robin Shea celebrates the delicious recipes from Season Two of Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea. In the pages of this cookbook you will be treated to behind the scene moments, each and every recipe photographed in color, plus step-by-step cooking instructions.

"Whether preparing one of my favorite 80% recipes, like my Deep South Bistro Burgers (Episode 201), or one of my many famous Meal Stacking recipes (3 Meals-in-one), Black & Blue New York Strip, Blackened Caesar Salad, Steak & Potato Soup, Soda Pop Cherry Salad (Episode 213); you are sure to fall in love with recipes that nourish your body (80%) and your spirit (20%).

"The 80/20 Lifestyle is more than the way I live my life, it is my ministry, my purpose, my service to the world. What began as a private moment between me and God, one that effectively empowered me to take family's dinner hour back, evolved into a movement empowering thousands of individuals and families alike to STOP dieting and START living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, The 80/20 Lifestyle."

Start enjoying life, 80% Healthy, 20% Indulgent and 100% Delicious!

Keep the faith, embrace the process, and most importantly, FALL IN LOVE WITH THE JOURNEY!

What is The 80/20 Lifestyle?
The 80/20 Lifestyle is a natural weight loss and management program developed by Robin Shea. Robin Shea’s work is grounded in science, yet steeped in spirit. It is developed on six core principles and a four step program.

This online learning community exists to bring Robin Shea’s personal experience and additional thirteen years of research on changing habits, nutrition & exercise, happiness, joy and inspiration to a world audience. Offerings include eCourses, workshops, books, and video library developed for anyone who is ready to embrace positive, joyful change.

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