About Robin

Robin Shea introduced her concept of Healthy Lifestyle Reinvention through 80/20 Living over 4 years ago when she launched the popular PBS television program, Southern Fried Fitness. Although the name has recently changed to Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea, the content remains the same.

What is the 80/20 Lifestyle... Robin teaches us how to make "Clean" healthy lifestyle choices 80% of the time while saving 20% for a guilt free indulgence.

Robin Shea blends her passion for delicious food with her unwavering commitment to a "Clean" healthy lifestyle. She takes viewers on a motivating journey teaching them how to "Clean Up" classic recipes so they fall in the 80% healthful category, but also how to prepare and enjoy the 20% indulgence that most of us just can't live without.

The program will also deliver a powerful motivational message, practical application techniques, as well as, workout tips.

Clean Eating is all the rage and Robin Shea's television programing is the first dedicated to this healthy eating lifestyle. Robin Shea will give viewers the tools, both tactical and motivational, to begin their journey to the 80/20 Lifestyle; which, Robin believes, is truly the only long lasting, but more importantly, sustainable health and fitness regimen available.

Remember . . . Life's Delicious!!!